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With fewer and fewer people getting married than ever before, cohabitation rates are the highest they have ever been.

Cohabitation is the legal term for couples who live together as if they are married or in a civil partnership. It does not include people who live together as friends, flat mates or housemates. 

Many couples want to live together for a few years before they get married or may cohabit with no intention of ever getting married or entering a civil partnership.

It is very important for couples who cohabit to be aware that they do not automatically have the same rights and legal entitlements as a married couple have. Cohabitant should be aware of what their legal position will be in the event that they separate, have children or their cohabitant partner dies.

If you are your partner are living together, there are steps you can take to help ensure you will be protected.

Cohabitation agreement

Moving in with a partner is a really exciting time and the last thing you are likely to want to think about what might happen if your relationship breaks down. However, taking some time to think about this and work out an agreement can make a huge difference if you do separate from your partner in the future.

A cohabitation agreement is a contract between cohabiting partners that outlines how you intend to manage your joint finances whilst you are living together and how your assets will be split if you separate.

Many couples find that having a cohabitation agreement in place can make things much more straightforward if they do separate in the future. A cohabitation agreement can reduce the likelihood of disputes and prevent fighting over who gets what.

What happens if a cohabitant partner dies?

Many people believe that when they live with someone, they become ‘common law husband and wife’. Contrary to popular belief, living with a partner does not give you any automatic legal entitlement to your partner’s estate when they die as it would if you were married.

If you are living with a partner and you want them to inherit from you when you die, it is essential to write a will to communicate your wishes. 

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Unfortunately, many cohabiting couples only find out what their legal rights and entitlements when it is too late to act to protect their interests and finances. Contact our friendly family law team today to find out how we can help you.

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